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Who I am ?

What drives a nuclear chemical engineer, who happens to also be a computer specialist, who has set up projects and managed teams all over the world, to concentrate all her energy in a Pastry dream of Emotions Sucrées.

Passionate about pastry since my childhood, and always in search of exceptional products, I am the designer of Emotions Sucrées. They say that I am as soft as fresh cream and that my voice is as sweet as marzipan. Sugar, cream, softness, you could think of…an angel here on earth to prepare some luxury pastries… Think again when you will have tasted my macarons with Salted Butter Caramel….six months were required to bring the recipe to perfection…

“Oh My God” is the most frequently heard exclamation after having tasted them .

Or well… during a wedding… here come the macarons with Foie gras and Secrets of Madagascar… Now the beautiful bride is no longer the subject of the table talk but instead the savoury sweet delicacies are…

I wanted to get closer and closer to my values…some beautiful values.  I obtained my degree in bakery-pastry in Belgium and I made a traineeship with one of Best Worker of France. I am driven by a relentless search for the best raw materials. As a result the entire world is my supplier: Almonds from Sicily, lemons from Bali, coffee from du Mexico, floral vanilla from Tahiti, chocolate from Columbia… I bring you flavours from far away and still so familiar, because the magic of the Emotions Sucrées offers you a range of shadings that accurately deliver the most beautiful emotions.

A noble tasting matter as a starting point: a favorited, a journey. Then this encounter launches the creative process, the long learning experience until the perfection of the recipe. Each recipe is unique so as to magnify all its contained flavours.

My oven, called Maurice like my grand-father, is  waiting with love all the batches of macarons and other pastries…With all these beautiful flavours of the world, I invite you to come and taste my sweet and savoury macarons, my luxury pastries, the Tea room desserts as well as their beautiful champagne pairings.

Françoise Bernair,

Artisan of Emotions Sucrées


Francoise Bernair